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July 20th, 1969. A Giant Step For Jim Feurer
Today, July 20th marks 34 years that I started racing in organized drag racing. On this day in 1969, I took my newly done orange '57 Merc "The Big Animal" to Oswego Dragway in Oswego, IL. As a rookie I was lucky to win 1DHotRod class. As I made my way down the return road, I vividly recall announcer Bob Doss announcing I had won and also telling about the USA moon landing. A hard day to forget. A giant step! Man - I was only 28 then! I celebrated my anniversary with the "Big Animal" today. Yes, I still have the famous orange '57 Merc. I keep it on display at my shop - Animal Jim Racing & Classic Cars in Lacon, IL. This afternoon I dusted the big Merc off and strapped myself in one more time. Then I proceeded to drink 4 ice cold Honey Brown bottles of beer and ponder all we had done together those many years so long ago. It was a peacefull moment. Just me and my car and a six pack of Honey Brown. See the "Big Animal" in my race car gallery.
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